Automation and system solutions: more efficiency, lower costs

The continuously expanding field of automation offers excellent opportunities to enhance the efficiency of plants and cut costs.

Highest productivity, availability and reliability: INRAG supports the control of your plants and systems with outstanding concepts, first-class implementation and accompanying services. We employ PLC controls and various bus systems – for new plants and for those which require retrofitting. We adapt visualisations exactly to your needs.


This in-house developed tank farm automation system is a modular software. They are available in the versions ITAS light and ITAS basic. Through extension modules and individual adaptations, you will receive a system that is tailored exactly to your needs.

 ITAS: Tank Farm Automation System

INRAG Retrofit:

Older, mechanically sound plants can be brought up to the latest safety and control technology standards by modernising the control and drive technology. The costs are considerably lower compared to buying a new one.

Measuring and Control Systems from INRAG

Due to the INRAG adapted instrumentation, you always have an overview of the flow quantity, fill levels, pressure, temperature and all other relevant parameters of your system - and all this for liquid and gaseous media. Do you wish to integrate our solutions into your existing plants or would you like us to design and realise your complete plant!

Measuring and Control Systems
Measuring and Control Systems: Control of liquids and gases
Examples for the use of our Measuring and Control Technology:
Loading and unloading of tanker trucks, tanker wagons and ships
Refuelling of aircraft
Blending and dosing systems
Tanker vehicles
Sewage treatment or biogas plants
Gas recovery systems
Loading stations for gas tankers
Compressor stations
Methane and natural gas measurement
Natural gas distribution stations
Hydrogen quantity measurement (e.g. fuel cells)
Air volume measurement (e.g. dryers)
Burner air measurements (e.g. power stations)
Flue gas measurements
Pump protection

ITAS: Tank Farm Automation System

ITAS light takes over the control unit of the loading units on the tank farm. The modular Windows based software validates driver, vehicle, order and controls/monitors the loading. Communication with the terminals and the controller takes place via TCP-IP. ITAS is installed on a Windows PC or server. The loading data stored locally by ITAS is output as a receipt.

ITAS basic monitors and logs all incoming and outgoing quantities as well as all transfer postings on the tank farm (stock accounting)

ITAS functionality
ITAS functionality
Expansion modules for ITAS:
PLC connection
Connection to ERP systems
Automatic e-mail sending
Backup systems
Customs connection
Tanker wagon loading
Ship loading
Tank content gauging
Pipeline connection
Compulsory stock management
Remote maintenance
and individual adjustments

Measuring and Control Technology/Automation:
Your Chance to Reduce Costs