Vane Pumps | Blackmer
– unique, revolutionary, trouble-free

Blackmer positive displacement pumps have revolutionised the pump industry with their unique sliding vane technology. This design allows the pumps to adapt to wear and tear and thus keep the flow rates constant over their entire service life. Thanks to this technology, the pumps have excellent self-priming and dry-running capabilities and also guarantee trouble-free operation.

Vane Pump from Blackmer
Vane Pump from Blackmer

Vane Pumps | Mouvex®
– particularly efficient

The Mouvex® P-series vane pumps have been specially developed for pumping highly viscous products as well as abrasive and corrosive liquids. This pump design also enables extremely low energy consumption. Furthermore, the pumps of the P series are characterised by simple and cost-effective maintenance.

Vane Pump from Mouvex
Vane Pump from Mouvex®

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