Plunger Pumps | Mouvex®
– one product line for many applications

The unique “plunger principle” gives this pump outstanding characteristics:

self-priming (dry)
constant volume flow independent of delivery pressure
pumps in both directions
dry running, even in the ATEX zone
Emptying the pipelines (pump sucks and pushes)
minimum shearing of the product
little influence on pressure fluctuations on the suction side
constant performance over the entire application range
low wear, high stability
extremely robust
outstanding efficiency

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Other features:
Hygienic design: for SLS and S series
(no mechanical seal: emission-free due to double stainless steel bellows)
Cleaning with ZIP process possible
Optional heating and cooling jacket
Volume flow rate: 0.1 - 55 m3/h
Materials: Nodular graphite cast iron/cast stainless steel/stainless steel
Shaft seal: Mechanical seal/stainless steel bellows/FKM sleeve
Energy: Fuels/biofuels / lubricants / greases...
(A Series)
Chemistry: Solvents / additives / resins/ methanol /ethanol/ adhesives / varnishes / colours / acrylic emulsions / silicones... (A Series / C Series / SLC Series)
Cosmetics + Pharma: (SLS Series / S Series)

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