INRAG Measuring and Control Technology

For the following international manufacturers which we represent exclusively in Switzerland you can get from INRAG: Advice/planning/integration/commissioning/service and after sales support also through our extensive spare parts warehouse

Measuring Technology

Overview and selection

Overview and selection – I-GRAPHX Gas Chromatography

I-GRAPHX Gas Chromatography

Innovative analysis of mixtures of substances – stationary and mobile.

Overview and selection - DEZIDATA Ad Blue Measuring System

DEZIDATA Ad Blue Measuring System

DEZICHEM 2 Measuring System with custody transfer according to MID

Overview and selection – FCI Flow Measurement

FCI Flow and Level Control

FCI - Flow and Level Instrumentation: Measuring principle: Thermal Dispersion

Overview and selection – GPI Flow Measurement

GPI Flow and Level Control

GPI: “low cost” flow measurement

Overview and selection – Honeywell Tank Gauge ENRAF

Honeywell Tank Gauge ENRAF

Content measurement of standing tanks

Overview and selection – MBA Conductivity Measurement

MBA Conductivity Measurement

Ex protection by measurement in pipe

Overview and selection – M+F Measuring Computer Systems

M+F Measuring Computer Systems

Flow computer for custody transfer measurement

Overview and selection – M+F RFID/EDI/UPC


Custody transfer accurate and reliable

Overview and selection – SECU-TECH Fill Level Measurement

SECU-TECH Fill Level Measurement

For home and professional use

Overview and selection – SECU-TECH Measured Value Transmission

SECU-TECH Measured Value Transmission

Wireless transmission of 4-20mA signals

Overview and selection – TechnipFMC Smith Measurement

TechnipFMC Smith Flow Measurement

Products for mineral oil distribution

Overview and selection – TIMM Earthing Control Device


Earthing control device for Ex areas

Overview and selection – TIMM Overfill Prevention


Overfill prevention for Ex areas

INRAG Measuring Technology:
Monitoring Brings Safety