SECU Tank Gauge

SECU Tank is a range of different level indicators with different functions. Measurements are made in the tank using level sensors. The devices are available for simple displays on the tank up to the forwarding of tank information via the Internet or LAN systems.

SECU Tank Quattro for 4 tanks
Technical data:
electronic level measurement
local tank gauge
Remote monitoring (tanks and tank farms)
Home use: Tanks up to 10,000 litres
Professional use: Tanks over 100m3

SECU-TECH Secu Data: Wireless data transmission of measured values (4-20mA)

From different measuring probes (e.g. hydrostatical probes, microwave, radar probes etc.) equipped with 4-20mA output readings will be transmitted wirelessly. Large range of 1.5 km max. (free field). With modems, the range over the Internet can be extended as required.

Secu-Data can also be used as a temporary station for different applications.

Secu Data: Wireless data transmission of measured values
Secu Data: Wireless data transmission of measured values
Main features:
Wireless measuring data transfer
Can also be used in Ex areas
Protection class IP67 (outdoor applications)
Interference-free wireless connection
Highest reliability through automatic channel selection
Quick installation without chiselling and excavation work
Secu-Data Manager:
Management program
For example for tank levels
Visualises the level information and
generates data for further processing

INRAG Measuring Technology:
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