Honeywell ENRAF Tank Gauge System

The 854 Automatic Tank Gauge from Honeywell, the pioneer in the development of modern tank gauges, has become the industry standard worldwide. The gauge is multifunctional: Besides liquid level, it combines density measurement and water/product interface measurement with the highest possible precision available on the market. Reliable, versatile and precise, it meets all international standards and, thanks to its servo self-test function, can be used in overflow prevention control circuits to prevent leakage.

Honeywell – Servo Gauge 854 ATG
Honeywell – Servo Gauge 854 ATG

Technical data:
Measuring range up to 27m (optional 37m)
Measuring accuracy +/- 0.4mm
IP 65
Galvanically separated by isolating transformer
Two-wire connection
– RS 232C
– RS 485

INRAG Measuring Technology:
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