DEZIDATA: DEZICHEM 2 Ad Blue Measuring System

MID approved measuring system mounted on road tankers or containers for the delivery of AdBlue and other chemical liquids. The system can be delivered conformity tested and metrologically approved, thus no initial calibration is required.

At DEZICHEM 2 all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel V4, Viton or Teflon to enable the delivery of many chemical liquids.

It is small and compact and can therefore be used in new vehicles as well as in retrofits. Nevertheless it has an excellent power output to achieve short downtimes.

DEZICHEM 2: Measuring system for Ad Blue and liquid chemicals
DEZICHEM 2: Measuring system for Ad Blue and liquid chemicals

simple operation via touch screen or 6 hardware keys
Quantity pre-selection of the desired delivery quantity
approved delivery note printer
can be completely emptied
Control of a delivery pump possible
Optional: Attention and emergency stop button

Delivery options:
Free fall (e.g. dry hose)
Gas pressure (e.g. dry hose)
Pump (wet hose)
Technical data:
magnetic-inductive flow meter
Delivery system nominal diameter: DN50
Operating pressure max. 4 bar
Total weight: 45 kg

Dimensions of measuring system:
Length = 680 mm
Width = 410 mm
Height = 660 mm

Flow rates:
max. 690 l/min e.g. AdBlue
max. 400 l/min e.g. Additive
Minimum flow rate: 60 l/min

INRAG Measuring Technology:
Monitoring Brings Safety